Brief History of Numazu church of christ

        In 1916 a missionary woman Sara S. Andrews from Walnut street church of christ which is in Dickson, TN, first arrived at Japan and started her mission work at Tokyo. When she left from USA, her mother said, "You are my Christmas present for Japanese people."

        After several years she moved to Shizuoka area and started spreading gospel. Through her 45 years of mission work, 4 Churches of Christ were founded in Okitsu, Ohiwa, Shimizu and Numazu. 

        After world war , she went back to the US and stayed with family. Though they told her not to go to Japan again, she left for Japan saying, "I can do more even lying there than standing here." So she founded Numazu Church of Christ in 1953.

        She offerd not only her young days, but also her last 8 years to serve Japanese people.

        Though her 69 years were filled with so many worries and sufferings, in 1961 she went back to our Lord Jesus Christ saying,

        "Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.  Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:"


        She was buried in Numazu. Whenever we visit her grave, we can not help but to appreciate our Lord Jesus Christ  who saved her and sent her to us for His glory.

        God's work which was started by a 23 year old woman 90 years ago is still going on through us and you here in Numaz,. and it must be poured out all over the world until He comes. 

        In 2007 the Lord gave us a 23 year old preacher Christopher Eric Robinson, we ask you to  pray for him to serve well God, people, and scripture.